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New single and visualizer for "The Witch Hunter" out now

The third single from our upcoming album 'Anno 1696' is finally out: Listen to "The Witch Hunter" here; and the visualizer created by David Minall//Cloud Music Typography is now online:

Markus Vanhala comments about the track: "This is a good example of a song growing and finding its own wings during the studio process. This one definitely has a cinematic feel; the storyline needs the essence of journey moving forward. In fact, I made a Finnish vocal demo for this one, reading and screaming Niilo's storyline, but only the name stayed and translated from 'Noidanmetsästäjä' to English. But that's another story and a secret version never to be found by 'outsiders'... :)"

 Niilo Sevänen adds: "This is Markus Vanhala's composition; it actually does not really sound like the archetypal Insomnium song and has some very interesting elements. One of the songs that improved the most in the studio in my opinion - and became one of the singles. Lyrically it continues to tell the story from the Witch Hunter's point of view."

Ville Friman concludes: "For me, this song has a really strong cinematic feel to it, and I can easily travel into the story in my head when I close my eyes."

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